The Cross Island Line and its “MRT Effect”

a map of singapore showing the cross island line stations

The Cross Island Line (CRL) is an upcoming Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line to further promote interconnectivity of the transport network between the East and West of Singapore. 

It will be the longest underground MRT line, spanning over 50 – 60 km in length with around 30 stations across Singapore.

Soon, it will play a crucial role in our MRT Network by connecting many of the existing MRT stations from the East to the West – and improve the livelihood of many Singaporeans.


A Glimpse Into Phase 1 Of The CRL

Construction works of the CRL will start in 2020 with 12 stations scheduled to be built from Bright Hill to Changi and are due for completion in 2029.

Cross Island Line Map

a map of singapore showing the cross island line stations


Who Will Benefit From Phase 1?

Residents who stay near the stations stated below will experience what we call the “MRT Effect”, which will be explained later.


  • CR2 Aviation Park
  • CR3 Loyang
  • CR4 Pasir Ris East
  • CR5EW1 Pasir Ris
  • CR6 Tampines North
  • CR7 Defu
  • CR8NE14 Hougang
  • CR9 Serangoon North
  • CR10 Tavistock
  • CR11NS16 Ang Mo Kio
  • CR12 Teck Ghee
  • CR13TE7 Bright Hill

*There will be a total of three phases, but the second and third phase has yet to be announced.


Benefits Of Owning Properties Near The CRL

Greater Accessibility

As you can see, the light green line connects residents to major developments and districts.

Getting to work is much easier for many of us when the Cross Island Line is built. 

By linking essential hubs such as the Jurong Lake District, Punggol Digital District and Changi Region, it makes transport more accessible for residents in the “ulu” parts of Singapore.

Faster Transport

To those who spend at least 45 minutes commuting to and from your office, I know how tiring that feels. I’ve been there before too…

The construction of the new MRT line is good news for most of us – especially for those who must switch MRT lines to get to their destinations.

For many commuters, the time taken to get from your house to your workplace will be significantly decreased. 

This is because it extends across Singapore linearly, and the MRT station on this line are primarily built at places that have a high concentration of workers.

According to the Chief of LTA, the result of this smart design could potentially save up to a whopping 40 minutes of commuters’ time every day!

Fewer Crowded Cabins

Connected to all the other MRT lines, the CRL serves as a key transfer line – playing a supportive role by complementing the circle line. 

By providing high connectivity between MRT stations coupled with massive capacity to serve at least 600,00 riders per day, the CRL helps to disperse the crowd from other lines – especially the East-West line as they run in the same direction. 

The alleviation of the crowd will be further improved once phase two and three and completed in the future.

Moreover, according to The Straits Times, the projected ridership will increase to over one million once it is entirely constructed.

MRT Stations For (Almost) Everyone

Don’t you feel a little frustrated every time you have to take the bus home after commuting 45 minutes on the MRT?

After full completion of the CRL, most of us won’t need to take the bus to get to the nearest MRT station. 

Because of the strategic structuring and designing approach that URA has taken in building the Singapore landscape, eight in 10 households will soon be located at a 10-minute walk away from the nearest MRT station.


An Opportunity For Property Buyers

Now, anyone who has dabbled into the property market will know that properties sitting near MRT transport links tend to have a higher valuation.

Besides, with so many benefits listed, it’s inevitable that the properties sitting near the CRL to experience a more than proportionate increase in their value.

To validate this, you can try to use EdgeProp’s property search and Heatmap tool to compare the prices of properties located nearer to the MRT station and those further away.

 You will realize that properties within a 0.5km radius of an MRT Station generally have an asking price that is 15% more than those that are located further. 

Experts coin this as the “MRT Effect”.

Furthermore, with the CRL being the eighth MRT track that Singapore is building, it may be one of the last ones that you may see in the near future. 

Property buyers and investors should be leveraging on this significant development to purchase real estate near the CRL to maximize their capital appreciations in their investment ventures.


Private Properties That May Benefit From The CRL Development

Here are some private properties located near the CRL with the distance listed:

  • Loyang Station
    • The Jovell @Flora Drive (1.68KM)
    • Parc Komo (0.75KM)
  • Pasir Ris East Station
    • The Jovell @Flora Drive (1.25KM)
  • Tampines North Station
    • Alps@Tampines (1.8 KM) 
    • The Tapestry @Tampines (1.97KM)
  • Defu Station
    • Riverfront Residences @Hougang (1.17 KM)
  • Hougang Station
    • Riverfront Residences @Hougang (0.96 KM)
  • Serangoon North
    • Affinity @Serangoon (0.4 KM)
    • Parkwood @Serangoon (1. KM)
    • The Garden Residences (0.45 KM)
  • Bright Hill Station
    • JadeScape @Marymount (1.21 KM)

As you may have realized, properties near the Loyang MRT Station and Serangoon North MRT Station would benefit the most from the construction of the Cross Island MRT as these areas are not located within reasonable walkable distance of their nearest MRT stations.


So Buy Or Don’t Buy?

Any buyers looking to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity should act fast before the prices of these properties rise as time goes by.

But, with every good thing, there’s always a caveat to it.

Now you might be thinking… Given the nature of Singapore’s property market, the prices of real estate have almost always gone up but not down. So how can anybody be losing from such a trade?

And, if we base our assumptions on historical data, property investors and buyers should totally hop on this bandwagon and purchase developments located near the new MRT line right?

Well… Maybe not.

Interested buyers and investors must know that looking at the location of properties near the CRL is only half of the equation.

As the CRL is nine years away from completion, other properties may have more significant potential in maximizing returns for those who are not looking for a long term stay.

Investors may find a better development to invest in and cash out even before the properties near the CRL starts appreciating!

Plus, with an increasing number of speculations of the next financial crisis happening in 2020, market sentiments are not precisely optimistic enough for anybody to dive first into the property market.



Regardless of the purpose, purchasing a new home near the MRT might seem like a foolproof strategy for many.

Unless you’re a veteran in the housing market, who knows what you’re doing, making such purchase may stop you from optimizing the allocation of your financial resources.

Although it’s almost a sure guarantee that an investment near the CRL will show results, the actual returns may be a far cry from your expectations.

Need additional insights on whether buying a property near the Cross Island Line is a good strategy for you? 

Contact me at 9762 1726 or for a free assessment.

Why are more Singaporeans upgrading to private properties and how are they able to do it?

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